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I’ve been having private calls with SpeakPro Academy members and here’s one you’ll definitely want to listen to…

But let me give you a warning…the first 24 seconds you get to see what I do BEFORE the calls.

Let’s just say if I were on American Idol, Simon Cowell would think I have the greatest voice of all time.

The reason I want you to listen to this call is because you’ll get to see why so many speakers struggle with ‘topics’ and the advice I gave her.

You’ll also see examples of speaker’s websites that I think are really good.

And towards the end, or middle…I can’t remember…you’ll hear me say something that most people might cringe at.

It involves ‘VAs’ (virtual assistants).

Now I could have easily have taken that part out but I want people to see what really goes on in successful businesses.

The reason so many people fail is because they think success people are white-knights.

So people end up copying only half the equation and end up failing. You need to open your eyes to the ugly truth and not turn away.

Today’s video gives you an idea of what’s required to make things happen and reveals a few ugly truths about the speaking business.

Subject: Please help me

I’ve been talking with SpeakPro Academy members on the phone and do you know what amazes me?

Most of the problems could have bee


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May 26, 2019