Become A Fly On The Wall As We Build & Monetize An Audience

You're going to look over our shoulder as we build a personal brand so you can see the daily activities to grow an audience and make yourself known in an industry.


How do we build & monetize an audience?

We built a successful brand in the public speaking niche and now we are rebranding the business.

You're about to get front-row seats on how we are growing the brand so you can duplicate our strategy for making yourself known in an industry.

Why are we doing this?

Awhile ago we built an audience in the public speaking niche and hit 100k in a month with a small audience (if you want to read about my story on how I did it then scroll down or click here

Now, we are rebranding the business to a bigger audience and you’re going to be able to look over my shoulder as we do it.

You’re going to learn to build and monetize an audience by DEMONSTRATION. No fluff. No theory.

Nowadays it's hard to tell who's the real deal and who's posing.

Most people making money with a personal brand aren’t teaching others how to make money online. Why? Because they’re too busy doing it to spend time teaching it.

If you read my story, you’ll notice I didn’t want to start the online brand because I was making too much money performing as a mentalist/keynote speaker. 

And the same goes for building an audience. 

I spent all my time building a 7 figure brand in the public speaking niche so I didn’t see any reason to show people what I was doing to monetize an audience.

And then I had a brilliant idea...

“Why don’t I just show everyone how I’m building the audience and getting the sales? People can learn by example so I don’t have to change anything I’m doing. I just have to show them. Damn you’re a genius. You sexy beast. You sexy sexy beast.”

You’re going to get a glimpse into an entrepreneurs thoughts. 

You’ll see all the tactics we use to build an audience. 

You’ll see exactly how we get sales. 

The checklists we use. The resources. 

You’re about to have access to it all.

If you’re building an audience but it’s not growing as fast as it should, I’m willing to bet that the REAL REASON you’re stuck isn’t what you think it is.

How helpful would it be if you could see exactly how someone is building their brand so you can duplicate it?

You’re going to look over my shoulder and you’ll see everything we do. 

That's what the Bruce Academy is about. It's only $95 per month and you'll have access to how we are building our business. You can cancel at anytime.

And while you’re looking over our shoulders, we will hold you accountable to growing your brand through the members-only community. 

What You'll See When You Become A Member


The Backend Of Our Brand

You’re going to see the backend of our brand. How we create content. How we place ads. How we make offers. Numbers we track. Everything.


Business Diary

We will post inside the ‘diary/blog’ section several times a week to tell you exactly what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis.


20+ Programs

We’re going to build and monetize an audience using all the tactics/techniques inside the ‘programs’ section so you can easily duplicate what we do for your own audience.


Resources We Use

We've uploaded templates & other resources we use in our business. Checklists, scripts, spreadsheets, everything!


Members-Only Community

It's crucial that you ask questions about how to grow your personal brand. So you'll have access to the private Facebook group and we can help you on your journey.

More Information Isn't The Solution

You need the right environment to create momentum with your personal brand. You need to build the right skills and implement…FAST.

You need to see what people are doing, at this very moment, to build and monetize their audience so you can duplicate the strategy.

Yes, you want to watch what we are doing. But don't just sit on the side lines. Play the game.

You need feedback on how to change your brand so you can generate more revenue in your business.

The Cost

It's time to get the word out about what you do. Build & Monetize your audience while watching how we do it.

The cost of this program is $95 per month. You can cancel at anytime. In fact, you don’t even need to email us to cancel. You can press the button on your end at any time.

This is a tiny investment for being able to see behind-the-scenes, on a CONSISTENT basis, of how someone runs their business.

Join Now ($95/mo)

About The Founder.

Benji Bruce started his first business as an illusionist/mentalist. He would get hired by companies like Remax, Aflac, AAA, Best Buy, IBM, and more, as the keynote presenter and entertainer for their events.

Eventually, Benji started building an online brand in the public speaking niche to show everyone how he was getting on the stages of these Fortune 500 companies and charging $10,000+ for an hour presentation.

However, Benji didn't take the online stuff seriously because it didn't make sense for him to put effort into selling an online program for $297 when he was getting 10-30k for appearing at events.

Then 'it' happened.

Benji’s first breakthrough with the personal brand was when he hit $93,000 in a single month. After that, Benji said, “To hell with performing. I’m doing this online stuff.” 

How Did I Hit The 100k/mo Mark?

I started out as a mentalist/illusionist and became a keynote speaker.

I was getting 10k-30k to present at company events and I took my knowledge with marketing and packaged it into a program in the public speaking niche.

At first I wasn’t making money with the program because I wasn’t committed to it. 

You can’t blame me. 

It’s hard to commit to selling a $297 course when you’re making 10k-30k for an hour presentation at company events. 

But I set aside time to build the brand because I knew this could be a 7 figure business.

Unfortunately, I made the same mistake most people do when they start building an audience.

The biggest mistake was when I created tons of content.

My studio was simple. A black background, camera, and ring light. Then I got a little fancy and added a mic and desk.

I was on a roll. Creating content after content after content. And do you know how many sales I got?

A whole lot of nothing. Zero. Zippo. Nada.

I couldn’t figure out why. But then again, I didn’t care.


Because I was making too much as a keynote presenter. 

But I started to look at people who were doing 7 figures per month or more with their brands. 

One 7-figure/mo brand I was studying was sending emails daily. 

I thought to myself, “No way. That’s too many emails. Are people gonna open them? They’ll get pissed if I email that much.”

Then I thought to myself...

"They make a whole lot more than I do. And what I've been doing hasn't been working. I'll try it their way."

So I started emailing every day.

Sales increased. 

What most people don’t realize is that in the beginning, you can’t trust your thoughts. You’re not trained yet. 

It would be like a newbie trying to tell Michael Jordan how to play basketball. It's better to pay close attention to what he’s doing and model him.

Then I started modeling their sales pages, ads, everything.

Sure enough, sales increased again. 

Eventually I was introduced to some other guys doing 7 figures a month with their brand.

While I was at their office I asked, “What does your funnel look like?”

I was SHOCKED by what he showed me.

It looked almost identical to mine.


Our funnels are identical but they’re doing 7 figures a month. What’s going on here?

Then I started asking more questions. I looked at the backend of their business.

And this is where I saw the difference between their business and mine.

They knew the details of their business. They knew their numbers.

Customer acquisition costs, conversion rates, and a bunch of other words that sounded like they weren’t speaking English.

So when I got home I Googled how to calculate these numbers and I created a spreadsheet to keep track of everything in my business...

Everyday I would input numbers into the spreadsheet.

And little by little I saw the revenue in my business increase. 10k/mo, 20k/mo, 40k, and boom 93k during my birthday month.

That’s when I completely switched to building and monetizing an audience in the public speaking niche.

I can’t tell you how valuable it was to see inside a successful brand.

From the outside, it looks like you’re doing everything they’re doing.

But when you get a behind-the-scenes look, you’ll see that the level of detail is different. The commitment is different.

The funny thing is that there’s nothing new under the sun.

So when people hear advice from a webinar or wherever, they say “I heard that before.”

That’s why they’re broke.

You can know that you should spend money on ads, but unless you’re spending money on ads, you ‘knowing’ means nothing.

Most people are one small excuse away from making major progress in their life.

“No time.” 

“No money.”

“I have kids”

“I have a job”

“I’m not a tech person”

In my case it was, “I’m making too much performing to spend time on this.”

Once you get rid of your excuses, your life can change and you can change other people’s lives by selling your expertise.

You need to master this stuff.

And there’s no better way than to look over the shoulder of someone who’s currently building a brand so you can get all the behind-the-scenes secrets.

That’s why we created Bruce Academy. It's only $95 per month.

You can see what we do in our business and you can build the skills you need to grow your audience.

It’s time for you to start making things happen.

Step your game up.

Yes, join the Bruce Academy ($95/mo)



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